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13 September 13:00 - 17:00GATHER LAB HOUSE

The Future of Sound

Sound shapes our lives. It builds to become a personal soundtrack - noises from the street, voices of people we talk to and music we love to listen to. It triggers memories, evokes emotions and brings meaning to our experiences. Some sounds we want to augment and others we want to drown out. Using sound reproduction devices – such as headphones and speakers - we curate this soundscape to create something we really want to listen to. In this lab we will investigate how these devices could evolve in the future? Will we still use them or will new technology render them obsolete? Using our brands – adidas, Marshall and Urbanears - as a starting point you will visualize, conceptualize and realize the future of sound. 

This lab is presented and facilitated by Zound Industries.

About Gather Solution Labs

Gather’s Solution Labs are all about real-world innovation. Here we bring together people from all over society to prototype solutions, cultivate new mindsets and bring in fresh ideas to tackle organizational and societal challenges.

Join a lab to learn new ways to innovate, get new perspectives on what you already know or take the chance to explore something new. 
Anyone who has a valid ticket to Gather is welcome to sign up for a lab. All perspectives are welcome, regardless of your background and expertise. 

The Labs are held in the Lab House, in connection to Gather Conference. 

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